Physical Ability Testing

Don't Hire Your Next Injury

Are you bothered by new hires who can’t keep up with the demands of the job?

Do you see a trend in injuries with employees who’ve been on the job less than a year?

Do you suspect some of your new hires come to work with previous injuries?

WorkSafe Physical Therapy can help.  

Physical ability testing (PAT) or post-offer employment testing (POET) from our Wichita physical therapy clinic is performed after a conditional offer of employment and helps you find employees who are physically able to complete the essential job tasks. As a result, work injury rates go down and productivity goes up. 

Find out if PATs will help you prevent injuries

Using physical ability testing from our Wichita clinic gives you confidence that the person you’re hiring can safely perform the job duties.

The addition of post offer employment testing to our onboarding process has been the single most important process improvement we have made from a physical screening perspective since I began working here in 2000. Without a doubt, it has led to a reduction in injuries for not only new hires but transfers as well.

The benefits you as a company as well as your employees will reap are well worth the effort!

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How it Works


Identify the essential job duties

WorkSafe physical therapists will analyze current employees performing the job then create a test based upon the physical job demands.


Physical ability testing

Potential employees are provided a job offer contingent upon passing the physical ability test.


Immediate results

We send you the results immediately after the candidate completes the test protocol. You can rescind a job offer if the candidate does not meet the job requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t this kind of test expensive?

Studies show that starting a testing program can actually save $7 for every dollar spent.  The average work-related strain costs nearly $24,000 including medical costs and indemnity payments.  If you can prevent only one strain you’ve probably paid for the whole program.

Won’t our hiring process be slowed down by adding another test?

Most of the time the PAT results are ready before the background screening is completed. Physical ability testing results from our Wichita clinic are provided to you within 30 minutes of the employee completing the test.

We’ll have too many people fail; we won’t be able to fill open positions.

Wouldn’t it be better to hire the RIGHT people (those that can actually do the job) rather than just any person?  An unexpected benefit to starting a screening program is that turnover rates actually improve. Those employees who weren’t quite strong enough to perform the job duties may quit soon after starting because they’re just physically exhausted. Or they may decide that the job is too physically demanding and they quit to find something else.  A pre-work screening helps them know exactly what is expected of them before they go to work.

What about the ADA and the potential for claims of discrimination?

At WorkSafe Physical Therapy we follow  EEOC guidelines for post-offer employment testing. We follow the rules to protect you from those claims. Testing is specific for your company and your job, not a “one-size-fits all” approach. Each test component is directly related to an essential function of the job.

Don't Hire Your Next Injury!

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