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What are DOT Physicals?

A DOT physical is an official physical exam for DOT employees or prospective hires. During DOT physicals at our Wichita clinic, a medical professional analyzes a person’s health and well-being to gauge if they are physically fit to operate a commercial vehicle.

A DOT physical from our Wichita Occupational Health Clinic includes a comprehensive process that scans everything from commercial drivers’ hearts and nervous systems to their hearing and vision ability to see if they meet the DOT physical requirements. In addition to countless other issues, we offer people in Wichita CDL medical exams that look for the following ailments:

  •   High blood pressure
  •   Seizure disorders
  •   The need for corrective lenses or hearing aids
  •   Any hidden medical condition that could prevent an individual from successfully driving a commercial vehicle

After you receive CDL DOT physical, the medical provider will report the results to the national registry and their official medical records and offer their opinion to DOT managers on whether the patient can be a commercial driver.

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Certified Medical Examiners

A certified medical examiner that thoroughly understands the DOT’s standards oversees every one of our CDL medical exams in the Wichita area. You can rest assured that when we recommend a driver receive their commercial motor vehicle certification, the driver will meet your physical expectations.

Quick Testing, Quicker Results

Timely service is essential for working at the Department of Transportation. DOT employees must adhere to a rigid schedule, and WorkSafe offers Wichita DOT physicals that follow this policy by finishing testing within a day and sending you the results immediately.

Long-Term Injury Prevention

If one of our medical examiners spots a health issue during a DOT physical, we won’t just send the driver off without help. Though we might not recommend them for a commercial driver’s license, we will help them develop a treatment plan to get back on their feet.

A DOT physical exam starts with a thorough review of your medical history. Before anything else, we’ll cover your preexisting conditions, health concerns, and whether you’ve had any contact with illegal substances or hazardous materials that could affect your test results.

We’ll then move to a comprehensive check of your vitals before finishing the appointment with a full-body evaluation. After your examination, you will receive a valid DOT medical card or a medical examiner’s certificate if we deem you fit to operate commercial motor vehicles.

Your employees may need DOT physicals before starting work. Additionally, an approved third party must administer the physical.

Even if they already had one, workers must also take a DOT physical if they move to a different state since different areas have unique health requirements.

Department of Transportation (DOT) work is demanding on everyone, whether you’re young and have no medical history or more experienced and have pre-existing medical conditions. Unfortunately, the rugged nature of being a commercial driver means that not everyone can handle the job.

This was the most enjoyable as possible therapy experience I have ever had, which enabled me to progress accordingly in a positive way and have a positive outcome. Thank you for being a great team, WorkSafe PT.

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WorkSafe offers thorough DOT physicals to the Wichita area with speedy results so that you can get your new drivers approved to hit the road with the knowledge that they’re physically fit for the job. Our medical examiners are the best in Kansas, and everyone in our clinic strives to ensure the examination is as comfortable and quick as possible.

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