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A Better Way to Manage Work Injuries

Save time and money, increase employee productivity

Are you frustrated by high injury rates?
Are you paying too much for work comp?
Is production slowed by employee injuries?
Do you have high turnover rates because new employees can’t physically do the job?

Prevent and Manage Workplace Sprains & Strains

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At WorkSafe our clients are no longer frustrated by high injury rates and lost productivity.

The primary focus of our Wichita based workplace injury prevention team is to help you prevent and manage workplace sprains and strains so you spend less on workplace injuries.

We can help you

Work injuries cost time and money.

We’ve spent over 20 years helping employers effectively manage work injuries.

The traditional model of treating those injuries leads to lost production, OSHA recordables and higher treatment costs.  Employees are frustrated, employers are frustrated and medical professionals are frustrated. 

You want employees who can safely do the job they were hired to do.  You want your employees to be free from pain and injury. But injuries sometimes happen and you spend precious time and money taking care of them. That’s where our workplace injury prevention experts in Wichita can help.

How can we help you stay safe?

The Post Offer Employment Testing not only helps us to identify which candidates are physically able to perform the work, it allows us to put the right people in the right jobs.  I would most definitely recommend WorkSafe Physical Therapy’s services!

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