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Improve Productivity with Worksite Physical Therapy

Are you frustrated with the traditional physical therapy clinic?

Your employees have to leave work, fight traffic, find a parking spot then wait for their provider.  On top of that they’re treated like a number, not an individual. They may not have the same therapist each appointment or even have only one therapist during the same visit.

We get that.  That’s why we started WorkSafe.  We know that consistency is the key to building effective relationships.  It’s important to have the same therapist each visit so they know the whole story.

Our therapists come to you. 

Our worksite physical therapy team in Wichita brings the equipment!  Your employees see the same therapist each visit, one-on-one.  Their therapy is not squeezed in between Junior’s knee surgery and Grandma’s total hip rehab.  They get undivided attention from a physical therapist whose main goal is to get them back to full duty. Work injuries are all we do.

At WorkSafe we know you want your employees to be well taken care of.

The problem is traditional physical therapy clinics don’t always understand what is needed in order to return to full duty.

Our therapist sees first hand what tasks your worker needs to do, what obstacles might be preventing them from getting better.  We can make recommendations for accommodations to meet work restrictions, which means your employee is more productive and treatment time is shorter.

There’s less downtime with worksite physical therapy from our Wichita mobile PT clinic.  No traffic to deal with, no parking issues, and the commute is pretty short-only the amount of time it takes to leave the work area and walk to the treatment room! 

Wichita Physical Therapy

This was the most enjoyable as possible therapy experience I have ever had, which enabled me to progress accordingly in a positive way and have a positive outcome. Thank you for being a great team, WorkSafe PT.


Download the referral form.

Complete all the form details.


Schedule an appointment.

We work to find a time that causes less downtime for the employee.


Send us the information we need to get started

Use our secure fax to send the doctor's order and other claim information. We will provide the fax number after you schedule an appointment.


Provide a private space for therapy.

Could be a private office or first aid room

We are here to help. It's easy to start saving resources.

Fill out a few details to request a Free consultation call and our team will contact you soon.

There’s no obligation to buy anything.

Together we’ll find a solution customized to meet your company’s needs. You’ll end up spending less time on injuries and more time growing your business.

Your information is safe with us. We will never share or sell your data.

If you're short on space we can still help.

Our clinic at 1999 N. Amidon is conveniently located close to 21st and Amidon.  You can be sure your employee will still receive the same focused care they would be receiving at work.  And they’ll still see the same therapist each time.

Improve Workplace Productivity.

If you’re still wondering whether worksite physical therapy from our Wichita clinic will work for you, let’s talk about your needs!

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