Reduce workplace injury and boost productivity by fitting the workplace to the worker

Bad ergonomics can lead to injury, whether you’re working in manufacturing or sitting at a computer.

Injuries like neck strain, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

What if you could prevent those injuries by making small changes in the work environment? How would that affect your productivity?

The therapists at WorkSafe can help you identify those tasks that may be causing soft tissue injuries, and assist in injury reduction at your Wichita workplace with an ergonomics program.

Soft tissue injuries are often due to long term exposure to risk factors like awkward posture, excessive force or repetition.

An ergonomics program from our Wichita physical therapy clinic can help identify risk factors and prevent costly injuries from occurring in the first place.

Reducing ergonomic risks can also improve productivity. Reducing awkward reaches or lowering forces required to get work done makes the process more efficient so everyone works smarter, not harder.

Wichita Ergonomics Program

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Three Simple Steps

Starting an ergonomics program at your Wichita workplace can seem overwhelming.  But if you break it down to three simple steps it’s very manageable.



Prioritize which areas to analyze by looking at recent injury data



Using standardized ergonomic assessment tools, the certified physical therapists at WorkSafe will help you identify which risk factors need to be addressed.



After you’ve made ergonomic changes, go back and analyze the jobs again to make sure your changes were effective.

Then repeat the process for each target job title!

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We know it’s frustrating when an employee reports an injury but can’t recall a specific event.

When that happens it’s usually a result of “cumulative trauma.”  Over time the combination of ergonomic risk factors like awkward postures, excessive force, vibration, or repetition can lead to musculoskeletal injuries. Injuries such as muscle strain, bursitis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, or shoulder impingement can all be traced back to improper ergonomics.  

As physical therapists, the staff at WorkSafe have spent years analyzing the movement of the human body.   Combined with special training in ergonomics assessment, this makes them experts at identifying risks in the workplace that might lead to discomfort and injury. After identifying those risks they make ergonomic program recommendations for your Wichita business to improve the work and also apply “quick fixes” whenever possible. 

Making small ergonomic changes can have a huge impact on employee morale in addition to lowering injury rates.  When an employee sees their employer take an active interest in their health and safety, they begin to feel more valued.  And when they can work with less fatigue and discomfort productivity improves. Everybody wins.

Reduce Workplace Injuries

The therapists at WorkSafe can help you identify those tasks that may be causing soft tissue injuries. 

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