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About Worksafe

We help you eliminate work-related injuries and increase employee productivity

How many times have you spent precious time and money to recruit and train a new employee only to have them quit in less than a month because they can’t do the job?

Or you have an employee report an injury after seeing their own doctor and getting work restrictions? 

How many employees have to leave work for medical treatment, leaving you short-handed and their co-workers frustrated?

Unlike other clinics in the Wichita area, WorkSafe deals only with work injuries.  We don’t try to do pre-work testing in between other patients.  We’re not treating Grandma’s hip replacement and Junior’s knee injury along with your employee’s back strain.  Work injury prevention and management is all our Wichita clinic does.

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Why Choose WorkSafe

Textron Aviation has been working with WorkSafe since 2006 on our post offer employment testing, and they have proven to be a valuable business partner.  To put it simply: They get it.  They understand our business needs and are an esteemed subject matter expert for us.

Textron aviation

Celebrating 20 Years in Work Injury Prevention & Management

WorkSafe was founded in July 2000 by physical therapists who knew there was a better way to get injured employees back to work. 

nancy wilson, pt,
ceas iii

Owner / Provider

lela schrott, pt


roseann cade, pt



Certified DOT Examiner

Time after time we made appointments for folks who said, “if you schedule me early in the afternoon, I won’t have time to go back to work so I’ll get to leave early.”  

It’s also difficult for healthcare professionals to understand the job demands when they’re sitting in a clinic, miles away from the job site. This makes it hard to recommend work limitations.  So most of the time the provider will be more conservative than necessary with work restrictions. 

An idea was born to bring the provider to the worksite, starting with physical therapy after an injury and then expanding to offer prevention services like early injury intervention and pre-work physical ability testing.  We’re still the only clinic in Wichita solely focused on work injury management and prevention.  We work with some of the area’s largest employers, providing both worksite and clinic based services. 

WorkSafe is a woman-owned business and in 2018 was honored by the Wichita Business Journal in the Entrepreneur Category of the Innovation and Enterprise Awards

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