Early Injury Intervention

Lower your recordable injuries with Early Injury Intervention

Are you confused about what early injury treatments you should seek for your Wichita employee who has reported a sprain or strain?  You are not alone.  Most employers are unaware that many soft tissue injuries can be resolved with first aid.

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Overexertion injuries cost US businesses $13.98 billion dollars each year and account for almost 25% of all workplace injuries.

Injury intervention and management for your Wichita business focuses on reducing your medical claims for the treatment of these injuries and lowering OSHA recordable rates. Employees report early signs of injury such as achiness, weakness, fatigue and clumsiness so treatment can begin much earlier and the issue can be resolved without more costly medical care. This means shorter recovery times, lower costs and improved productivity.

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In a physically demanding workplace, the implementation of an early intervention program can make a significant impact.  Encouraging early reporting of discomfort paired with an early intervention review helps workers to understand the importance of work conditioning, provides coaching for improved body mechanics, and identifies potential ergonomic issues.  The WorkSafe Early Intervention program does all of this.  The overall impact is resolution of discomfort, increased productivity of workers and an observed 60% reduction of simple discomfort reports that could have proceeded to a medical evaluation and treatment without the early intervention.”

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Our therapist will evaluate the employee's problem and provide treatment such as ice or heat, massage and soft supports, all considered first aid under OSHA guidelines


Your employee receives real-time education & job coaching to improve work techniques.


You receive ergonomic recommendations to help lower the risk of soft tissue injury for other employees


The incident is resolved without progressing into a recordable injury which leads to lower OSHA recordable rates and reduced workers compensation costs


Your workplace becomes safer for everyone, not just the injured employee

Studies show Early Intervention works!

Companies report as much as $7 saved for every dollar spent on early injury intervention. And by using care considered first aid under OSHA guidelines your recordable injury rate is lowered. 

Worksite early injury intervention and management at your Wichita business also enhances your employee wellness program by demonstrating your commitment to keeping them working injury free.

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