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Clear vision is essential for maintaining productivity and safety in the workplace. Whether working on a computer, operating machinery, or performing manual tasks, varied eyesight can significantly impact your employee’s work performance.

WorkSafe can provide comprehensive workplace vision testing services for industry of all sizes. Our team of experienced occupational health specialists are trained to ensure that your employees receive accurate and thorough vision assessments.

Our workplace vision tests provide a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s visual acuity, focusing ability, and color vision. These tests include testing for distance vision, near vision, or color blindness.  

Types of Vision Testing available at WorkSafe

Using a Snellen and/or Jaeger chart, the professionals at WorkSafe will measure both near and far distance vision.   In the state of Kansas, an individual must have visual acuity in one or both eyes of 20/60, with or without correction to hold a driver’s license.

The Ishihara test is the most common screening tool for color blindness.  This test is easily administered in our clinic and onsite.  Results are immediately available.

The Farnsworth Hue Test is another tool used to identify color vision defects and can be added to your company’s vision screening profile.

This screening encompasses many areas of vision including depth perception, accommodation, convergence, fusion, and ocular motility. All these tests are performed during a routine vision screening.

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