What are Physical Ability Tests?

What are Post-Offer Employment Tests (POETs)?

Do you wonder if a person you are hiring is physically able to meet the demands of the job? Are you concerned that a new hire is coming to you with a previous injury? Performing a Physical Ability Test or PAT can help you find employees that are physically capable of meeting your specific job demands.

Benefits of a Physical Ability Test

When implementing PATs there are many benefits to be found. Employees tend to be more productive due to being able to physically do the job they are hired for. In addition,  potential injuries and lost work time are also reduced after initiating a physical ability testing program. This can result in reduced medical, indemnity, and worker replacement costs to the company.

Studies have shown that for every $1 spent on testing a company will save $7. The average work-related strain costs nearly $24,000 including medical costs and indemnity payments.  If you can prevent only one strain you’ve probably paid for the whole testing program.

How to Prevent a PAT program from becoming a Liability

In order to make sure you are compliant with EEOC standards and following the legal requirements of having a PAT program there are a few things necessary.

You must legally document in a defensible way that the pass and fail criteria are accurately focused on the physical demands of the SPECIFIC job for which the candidate is being tested. These demands are determined and detailed during a job demands analysis.

In addition, tests should be uniformly applied, meaning all candidates for the same position are given the same test and the tests are applied consistently from one candidate to the next. Periodic reevaluation and updates to the job demands analysis are also recommended to make sure you are still testing for the functions of the specific job.

At WorkSafe Physical Therapy we follow  EEOC guidelines for post-offer employment testing. We follow the rules to protect you from claims. Each test component is directly related to an essential function of the job and not a “one size fits all” test.

What to Expect During a PAT

During a physical ability test, a candidate can expect to be tested on their cardiovascular endurance, balance, flexibility, or muscular power. Physical ability tests at WorkSafe Physical Therapy in Wichita are administered by one of our highly trained physical therapists.

Tasks to test the above items can include maintaining a static position such as stooping over a table for an amount of time, lifting a box with weights, and using a static strength measurement.

When Are Physical Ability Tests or Post-Offer Employment Tests Done?

Physical ability testing (PAT) or post-offer employment testing  (POET) from our Wichita physical therapy clinic is performed after a  conditional offer of employment has been made.

Following the completion of the test, our office sends results back to the company within 30 minutes. The goal is to make the hiring process easy and not slow things down in getting the right employee hired.

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    Next Steps for Physical Ability Testing at Your Wichita Business

    If you are wondering if you should implement a post-offer employment test then the answer is a resounding YES. Not only will you save money from decreased injuries but you will have more capable and productive employees. As an added benefit many companies find that retention of employees increases due to tested candidates being able to perform the job better and with less stress.

    Contact WorkSafe Physical Therapy to get a consult on a PAT or POET program for your Wichita Business.

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