What is Early Intervention in the Workplace?

Wichita, Kansas Early Intervention Onsite Services

Are you a Wichita area business that wants to lower your recordable injuries? Do you know how to save costs and help your employees feel better? WorkSafe Physical Therapy Early Injury Intervention can help you with both and more!

What is Early Intervention?

Early intervention is a proactive approach to find early signs of injury and prevent it from happening in the workplace.

When employees notice early signs of a musculoskeletal injury they are encouraged to report it. Signs of impending injury can include fatigue and discomfort/pain in any part of the body.

Early intervention is a prevention technique, not a treatment. The goal is to address fatigue and discomfort before it becomes a more serious issue. Therefore, preventing a costly claim for your company.

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What is a Musculoskeletal Injury in the Workplace?

Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSDs are injuries that affect the human body’s movement or musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is comprised of the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These disorders include things like sprains and strains, “pulled muscles” and other similar problems. 

What are the Early Warning Signs of Musculoskeletal Injury?

Prevention is key to keeping worker’s compensation claims low and knowing the early warning signs will help you prevent more serious injuries. Early-stage symptoms include aching and tiredness of the affected limb that occurs during the work shift but disappears at night and on days off.

There are certain signs that you will see your employee doing or that the employee will notice such as having a heightened awareness of a particular body part, shaking out of the hands, massaging the hands/wrists/arms, and fatigue during the shift.

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Why Should You Use WorkSafe Physical Therapy Early Intervention?

Early Intervention programs in companies in the Wichita area have reported as much as $7 saved for every dollar spent on the program. By using care that is considered first aid under OSHA guidelines your recordable injury rate is lowered. Early intervention does not count as a recordable injury!

Musculoskeletal injuries cost US businesses over $45 billion dollars each year in direct and indirect worker’s compensation costs.

Who is Early Intervention Available to at a Company?

Anyone! Preventive consultations by a Physical Therapist from WorkSafe Physical Therapy are available to each and every employee at your company. We teach and provide self-management techniques that serve as a means to help employees counteract daily fatigue that could potentially turn into an injury.

Next Steps for Early Intervention in Wichita

Early Injury Intervention will not eliminate all recordable injuries and illnesses.  But it will help you provide the right level of care to those employees who need it.   

Contact WorkSafe Physical Therapy to get a consult on an Early Intervention Program for your Wichita Business.

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