What is a Job Demands Analysis with WorkSafe Physical Therapy?

Job Demands Analysis in Wichita, KS

As an employer do you know the specific demands of each of the jobs at your company?

If you plan to hire employees, accommodate those with work restrictions, or comply with the ADA then having an accurate picture of the job demands is essential.

A job demands analysis (JDA) from our Wichita clinic will help you:

  • Develop a legally defensible pre-work testing program
  • Make decisions about employees returning to work with medical restrictions
  • Answer accommodation requests from employees with a disability
  • Create more effective rehabilitation programs if an employee is injured on the job

What is a Job Demands Analysis (JDA)?

Job Demand Analysis (JDA), or a Physical Demands Analysis, is the analysis of a particular job, on-site, to determine the exact physical and positional demands of the job.  Requirements can vary depending on the nature of the position.

For example, a manual labor position might require higher physical strength and endurance, while an office position might require more sustained positions. However, all positions share some essential functions that must be met in order to perform the job satisfactorily.

A JDA provides an objective, quantifiable analysis of each position. It allows companies to understand the specific, straightforward requirements of their jobs.

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Why Should You Have a Job Demands Analysis?

There are many situations where a JDA can be consulted. First, when hiring a candidate you will have a legally defensible physical ability test (or post-offer employment test) that will determine if a candidate can safely perform the job.

In the unfortunate event of a worker becoming injured, you and their healthcare professional will be able to determine through the JDA if any of the job tasks will exceed their restrictions. Also, the JDA can be utilized to determine what jobs should be prioritized for ergonomic improvements in the future.

Keep in mind, that if a job is significantly redesigned a new JDA will be needed.

When Should You Do a Job Demands Analysis?

If you don’t already have a catalog of JDAs for each of the jobs in your company then right now!!
Some other questions to consider when determining if you need to have a JDA done are:

  1. Are the job descriptions you have on file compliant legally?
  2. Do you know the position tolerance or physical strength required for the position you are hiring for?
  3. Can you provide reasonable accommodation for a candidate with an injury or disability?
  4. Do you know what an employee will need to be able to do physically to return to full duty?
  5. Do you know what positions could be utilized if an employee is placed on light duty?
  6. Do supervisors know which jobs are safe to switch employees between based on workload and physical demands?

If you answered no or you don’t know, then it is time to have a physical demands assessment done for your positions!

How a WorkSafe Physical Therapy JDA is Different

When you have WorkSafe perform a job demands analysis for your company, our trained physical therapists will help you quantify your positions to give you legally defensible data.

A physical therapist will come out to your company and document work in real-time by measuring various forces required. They will also record postures employees must get into and maintain to complete work tasks. Finally, they will look at and monitor any climbing, balancing, walking, or crawling required in the position.

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After the employee does a site visit to record and monitor the above, we will create a written document that outlines all of this information in a concise, easy-to-read format.

If you are ready to have objective and legally defensible job descriptions for your employees and reduce injury rates, give us a call and learn how WorkSafe Physical Therapy in Wichita, KS can help!

Contact WorkSafe to find out how we can help your company today!

Working to keep you safe, healthy, and productive,

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