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Why Pre-Employment Physical Exams?

Employers work tirelessly to protect themselves from worker’s compensation issues. That’s why many companies request prospective employees to undergo pre-employment physical after accepting a job offer.

A pre-employment physical gives both you and your employee confidence that they can perform the assigned job. Sometimes, a pre-employment physical can identify potential illnesses or chronic conditions that could prevent someone from performing their job adequately. Pre-employment physicals can be especially important for people with an existing chronic condition, as they can indicate whether their current management program is effective and they will remain safe while working

What is Included in a Pre-Employment Physical Exam?

WorkSafe’s pre-employment physical exam involves reviewing the employee’s medical history, assessing vital signs, and assessing body systems – similar to any physical exam. We will also ask about any current medications.  Some medicines have side effects like drowsiness, which can be hazardous if the job requires operating heavy machinery.  

Ultimately, pre-employment physicals are conducted to determine if candidates are physically capable of performing their tasks without undue burden or medical concern.

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