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If your company performs light industrial work, you are likely all too familiar with navigating workplace injury claims. At WorkSafe Physical Therapy, we can help improve your workplace health and safety in Wichita KS while, decreasing onsite injuries, increasing worker productivity, and reducing OSHA recordables.

Our physical therapists support light industrial companies in the Wichita area with professional onsite injury prevention services. In fact, it’s all we do. Your workers will be seen quickly and receive dedicated care from our team of medical professionals.

Why Work With Us? 

We are a locally owned and operated company and have served the community of Wichita with workplace health and safety services since 2000. Our team of registered physical therapists provides only the best care possible. Local businesses in the light industrial field trust us to keep their employees safe and help them return to work in the event of a work-related injury. Work injuries are all we do.

Who We Serve

At WorkSafe Physical Therapy, we proudly support Wichita businesses that perform light industrial work. We partner with companies in commercial construction, aircraft manufacturing, and air conditioning systems manufacturing, among other industries.

If you own or manage a company that performs light industrial work in the Wichita area, we can help. Our team is familiar with injuries sustained in your line of work and are trained in the best onsite injury prevention services. Based in Wichita, our workplace health and safety tips can be taught by our experienced therapists. At WorkSafe Physical Therapy, we also offer treatment for a wide variety of work-related injuries, including musculoskeletal disorders. 

Additionally, we provide training for improving workplace health and safety to the  injury prevention and ergonomics to reduce the total number of workplace incidents.

This was the most enjoyable as possible therapy experience I have ever had, which enabled me to progress accordingly in a positive way and have a positive outcome. Thank you for being a great team, WorkSafe PT.


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Our clinic at 1999 N. Amidon is conveniently located close to 21st and Amidon.  You can be sure your employee will still receive the same focused care they would be receiving at work.  And they’ll still see the same therapist each time.

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