Onsite Services: Your One-Stop Shop at WorkSafe Physical Therapy

Onsite Services from WorkSafe Physical Therapy 

Healthy employees are key to business growth and success. WorkSafe offers your employees access to a range of healthcare services they can utilize to stay healthy, work safely and supply continued productivity. Our programs are customized to offer a suite of services that meet your ever-growing demand to provide access to quality healthcare for all your employees. 

Onsite Services Offered at WorkSafe Physical Therapy 

We currently offer the following mobile services. This list is not all-inclusive! If there is something you need, feel free to reach out so we can develop a plan to meet your growing needs. 

Early Intervention Programs 

One of the best ways to prevent injuries in the workplace is to identify risks early and address them before they become a problem. Our early intervention programs are designed to do just that.  

Stopping injuries before they become a real pain is the key to decreasing recordables. With early intervention, we can assess an employee that may have a small strain, sprain, or other musculoskeletal issue before it becomes a bigger problem. 

Drug Testing Services 

We can conduct pre-employment, post-accident, or random drug tests to ensure that your employees are not under the influence while on the job. Drug testing is an important part of maintaining a safe and productive workforce. 

what to expect at your urine drug screen test for employer

Breath Alcohol Testing 

Alcohol use can also be a hazard in the workplace. Our breath alcohol testing services can help you ensure that your employees are not intoxicated while on the job. We can test employees before their shift starts or at random intervals throughout the day as well as pre-employment and post-accident. Breath alcohol testing is an important part of maintaining a safe work environment. 

Physical Therapy Services 

Injuries happen, even in the safest of workplaces. When they do, our physical therapy team is here to help.  

We offer onsite physical therapy services designed to help your employees recover from work-related injuries. We create custom treatment plans based on everyone’s needs. We are here to help your employees get back on their feet again. 

early intervention vs physical therapy osha worker's compensation

Ergonomic Assessments 

Ergonomics is the study of how people interact with their environment. When it comes to the workplace, ergonomics is all about creating a comfortable and productive workspace for employees.  

Our ergonomic assessments can help you identify problems in your workplace that may be causing discomfort or reducing productivity. We can then provide recommendations for making changes that will improve employee comfort and safety. Ergonomic assessments are an important part of any comprehensive safety program.  

Hearing Conservation 

Employees who work in loud environments are at risk for developing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL is a permanent condition that cannot be cured. However, it is preventable.  

We can provide hearing tests, education with employees, fit instructions, and spot-checking for current noise levels. Our Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist can make sure you are doing everything to prevent hearing loss in your employees. 

common jobs that cause hearing loss

Onsite Occupational Health Services  

Keeping your employees healthy is essential to maintaining a productive workforce. We offer a variety of occupational health services designed to promote employee wellness. Our occupational medicine services include but aren’t limited to, pre-employment physicals, DOT physical exams, hearing tests, visual testing, respiratory fit testing, and more. 

Benefits of Onsite Services with WorkSafe Physical Therapy 

Employers can and will see many benefits with onsite services from WorkSafe Physical Therapy. These can include: 

  • Earlier treatment of injury 
  • Reduced time away from work 
  • More effective care for chronic conditions 
  • Decreased ER visits 
  • Fewer OSHA recordables 
  • Improved productivity 
  • Greater employee satisfaction 
  • Lowering direct medical costs 
  • Optimization of employee selection 

These services benefit your employees too! WorkSafe Physical Therapy gives you the opportunity to provide necessary healthcare to your employees at no cost to them! This is especially important for employees that would not have access to healthcare otherwise. Improved management of health conditions results in a few missed days from work and better productivity! 

Onsite Services with WorkSafe Physical Therapy 

WorkSafe Physical Therapy offers a variety of onsite safety services designed to keep your employees safe and healthy. From early intervention programs and drug testing services to physical therapy and ergonomic assessments, we have the tools and expertise to help you create a safe and productive workplace. Contact us today to develop an onsite plan that fits your needs! 

Contact WorkSafe to find out how we can help your company today!

Working to keep you safe, healthy, and productive,

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