How Telehealth is Changing the Workers’ Compensation Landscape

Telehealth has been used in physical therapy for the last few years, however, its use in workers’ compensation is relatively new.

There are many benefits of using telehealth in physical therapy for workers’ compensation. Some of these benefits include increased convenience, improved access to care, and improved outcomes.

What is Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Telehealth physical therapy is a relatively new way of providing physical therapy services. It involves using telecommunication technology to provide evaluation and treatment to patients remotely.

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Communication with injured workers throughout their recovery allows for better outcomes for employees and employers. Clinical results have been found to be comparable between telemedicine services and traditional in-person clinical treatments.

Benefits of Telerehab for Worker’s Compensation

The current worker’s compensation system of traveling to receive the initial diagnosis in addition to the ongoing visits necessary to treat orthopedic injuries with physical therapy is resulting in more time spent away from work for the employee. This costs employers millions in lost productivity each year.

In addition to decreased time off work for appointments, other benefits of telerehab include improved access to care, convenience, and improved outcomes.  Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to the overall success of a recovery program.

1. Convenience

The use of telehealth physical therapy allows the injured employee to receive their initial evaluation and ongoing treatments at a time that is convenient to them, rather than having to travel long distances for appointments.

2. Improved access to care

When employees are able to schedule an appointment without traveling, they have better access to physical therapy services. This improved access allows for a better prognosis and earlier treatment periods, which aids in the overall recovery process.

3. Improved outcomes

By allowing patients to receive care when they need it, without the inconvenience of traveling for appointments, telehealth provides employees with improved outcomes from their treatments. In addition, this convenience leads to more successful home programs and ultimately, a better prognosis.

How is Telehealth Changing Workers’ Compensation?

Expectations are changing in the workers’ compensation system. Employers no longer want to pay for unnecessary doctor’s visits or time off work just to travel for treatment. Physical therapy services have become more widely available through telerehabilitation. With telerehab, employees can receive services while at work without travel time, which allows them to spend the majority of their workday working.

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EHR Intelligence has suggested that the use of telehealth in the workers’ compensation world could save U.S employers up to $6billion annually. Executives have been pushing for telemedicine as a way to stop the healthcare costs that have been spiraling out of control recently.

Break Down Barriers with Virtual Services from WorkSafe Physical Therapy

At WorkSafe Physical Therapy in Wichita, KS we offer post-accident telerehab as well as online preventative consultations and immediate treatment should an on-the-job injury occur.

Some common injuries that can be assessed remotely include sprains, strains, and early carpal tunnel. It’s important to note that a remote triage process can determine whether a trip to the ER is necessary, or if there are other alternatives. Additionally, for workers that travel, like truck drivers, telerehab consults can provide continuity of care while traveling away from our physical location in Wichita, KS. An employee can have treatment simply by having a phone, tablet, or computer and a Wi-fi signal!

In addition to providing early intervention and physical therapy through telehealth visits, we are also able to perform ergonomic assessments as well. Give our office a call to find out how we can better assist you in your injury prevention and safety needs.

Conclusion on Telehealth in Workers’ Compensation

Telerehab has many benefits for both employees and employers in the workers’ compensation system. Employees can receive treatment without having to travel for appointments, which saves them time and money. In addition, by receiving care at work, they are able to continue working while recovering. Employers save money on lost productivity due to time off work.

Have you considered utilizing a telehealth service for your organization? There are several advantages to televisits that will save you time and money. If you have any questions or want a consultation, please contact us at or 316-262-8800.

Working to keep you safe, healthy, and productive,

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