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WorkSafe Physical Therapy

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WorkSafe Physical Therapy

Employing only licensed staff with high integrity, WorkSafe Physical Therapy will be recognized as the provider of choice for
industrial health by offering a continuum of services that sets us above our competition and focuses on our customers' needs.

Physical Therapy  

    • As the only clinic in Wichita dedicated to occupational injuries our focus is returning the injured employee back to work as quickly as safely possible.

    • Treatments can be provided in your facility to decrease time off from work or in our clinic at 1999 N. Amidon.

    • To assure quality of care always, the patients are seen individually and by only licensed therapists; no assistants or technicians are utilized.

    • The full spectrum of diagnoses seen by our therapists include:Rotator Cuff Injury, Neck and Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dequervains Syndrome, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Pain, Postop Rehabilitation, Fractures, Tendonitis, Bursitis and other Orthopedic Diagnoses.

    • Functional testing based on the specific physical requirements of the individuals job is utilized during the treatment to support return to work status.

    • Our licensed therapists are certified Astym providers; trained in joint mobilization techniques; trained in Kinesiotaping and McConnell taping techniques; myofascial trigger point techniques and Ergoscience functional testing.


Nancy Wilson, PT, CEAS
Company Owner


Candice Behrns, PT, CEAS II


 Paula Boese, PT, CEAS II

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1999 N. Amidon
Suite 100
Wichita KS 67203


“We have been using WorkSafe Physical Therapy for onsite treatment, employee training and ergonomic evaluations for the past 8 years and have found their services effective, efficient and very thorough.  They not only provide us with regular physical therapy but conduct job demand analysis and ergonomic analysis as well.  We needed a physical therapy provider that would come to us and that could meet all our needs. That is what WorkSafe gave us!”

~Bob Spence, Safety Manager at The Coleman Company